Growing up on the shoreline of CT meant warm summer nights, a cool ocean breeze, and spending hours on the water. This is where my love of the beach and outdoors began; there is nothing better than hitting the trails for a hike on the first warm day of spring. The brilliant fall colors do not go unrecognized, even while driving to my next session down the road. I am a fresh air junkie, whether it is having lunch on the deck, spending time with friends on the porch, or getting a quick walk in after dinner. I take any opportunity to be outside with the sunshine hitting my skin. This also translates to my work as a photographer.

I love photographing on-location, especially at the vineyard, because it is always different. Depending on the light, time of day, or clouds in the sky, it becomes a completely different place. Downtown New Haven is also a favorite of mine. I find bricks, doors, and textures to be visually interesting. I am always open for location suggestions; new environments bring creative challenges.

My love of photography began in high school, back in the film days. I worked on mastering my skill at Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2001.  Shortly after graduation I worked for a local studio where I learned with hands on experience what could never be taught in school. A few years later I met the previous owner of Impressions at a photography convention. I decided that I wanted to go further in my career under his wing.  After six years of working at Impressions, the previous owner decided to change careers, and I turned into a small business owner at 28 years old. I am grateful to have a career that is also my passion and creative outlet.

I love to travel, especially to  tropical locations in the cold winter months; my favorite trip to this date was chartering a catamaran and sailing in the turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands. When I am not  traveling, you can find me sweating it out at Triton with my crossfit family or practicing yoga at the Westside YMCA. Wallingford  is more than just where I live; the sense of community and all it has to offer has made it my home. I am lucky to live and develop my business here, meeting new people and discovering new places.