We suggest bringing your baby in within the first 14 days. Pre-booking your session is best so we can plan to set aside enough time. Babies are sleepiest during those first two weeks so it’s easy to wrap them and get some great posed images. If you're hoping for some connection or natural moment shots, up to 3 weeks is best. Around 4 weeks they no longer look like a new-newborn.

We will warm up the room prior to your arrival. A warmer environment allows us to photograph baby in a diaper/naked without upsetting them.
Bring blankets, headbands, or items that have meaning to you and your family. We have wraps here, but if you have anything that was made by a grandparent or someone close to you, we are happy to use it in the session.

A simple colored onesie (often white) is great to have. Some babies don’t like to be naked so keeping them in a clean, simple outfit makes them happy and produces great images.

Safety is extremely important to us. We will not force a pose or use a prop we don’t think is appropriate. If we are not feeling well, we will call and reschedule your session to keep your baby out of harms way.

Newborn sessions usually last anywhere from 30 minutes-3 hours depending on how the baby is doing that day. We can and will take breaks so your baby can eat if need be.

In-Home Sessions

In-home sessions are the perfect way to capture memories with your newborn and family in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We can show off your nursery, pets, and home, which allows you to look back and remember things as they really were at that point in time.

Siblings (and often Dads) do great in this situation. No forced posing is done in the home, just gentle direction, which allows natural and authentic moments and connections to occur.